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Our Learning Philosophy


Every child and person can learn almost any subject.  They need desire, focus, and the correct medium.  Pick any subject you can think of and you can see how instead of a class on the subject you can read a book on the subject.  By reading the subject you are learning, put together with some basics and possibly some training and you have now learned that subject.  How amazing is that.  First we have to learn how to learn; this is what we really need to teach our children.  With a Home School curriculum and program you the parent become the teacher.  It has been proven many times that homeschoolers learn the subject as well or better than those in public schools.


Please feel free to make an appointment so we can show you how this Home School Curriculum works.

Our Home School Curriculum

Check out our preferred curriculum.  When using the Robinson Home School Curriculum, the ideal goal is for your child to become a self-learner.  People can learn from reading, sometimes this is natural and sometimes it needs to be taught.  The earlier you learn this the easier it is.  By reading a book on history you learn history, vocabulary, syntax, grammar, and understanding of what you read.  Read a book about science and you learn some scientific information as well as all of the above.  You can see reading becomes a very important factor in education; when you can find knowledge and understand it by reading you can teach yourself.  Now all you need is someone to “Coach” you along and help you understand things you are having trouble with.  Our program helps, you the parent through this process and provide activities for fitness.


Saxon Math

Saxon math starts with the basics.  Once you learn how numbers add up, subtract, divide, and multiply; you have achieved the basics.  With the basics you can apply the different formulas that get you through advanced math.  Geometry, Algebra, Calculus Physics, and Chemistry all rely on basic math skills.  If you didn’t learn the basics well, the more advanced math becomes a mystery and then you no longer want to learn.  

All Other Subjects

Robinson Curriculum

The Robinson curriculum takes your child through all of the other subjects.  Think about this:  If I asked you to write a paper about electricity what would you have to do?  You would have to “Read” about electricity.  Then you would have to “Understand” (Learn) about electricity.  The next step you would do is organize your thoughts.  Once you have the flow you would then start “Writing” your paper.  Breaking down the writing you have “penmanship”, you also have “grammar”, let’s not forget “spelling”, and then their is the “knowledge” you have to display in your work.