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Pearl Academy Program

Class Description

Our classes are based off of our preferred curriculum.  The traditional classes we all remember from our youths based off of the Robinson curriculum, and the Saxon math curriculum.  We add in a healthy dose of fitness and a space to run around in order to burn off a little energy before doing some more studying.  We offer each parent an opportunity for a one-on-one meeting with our staff and facilities so you can ask your questions.


Every child should explore art. They should have time to draw and color or paint. Different crafts should also be incorporated into an education. The subject of art helps a child connect both sides of the brain for better development. Art also teaches a child individualism and to express themselves. Some of the benefits of art education: Creativity; Cultural awareness; Improved academic performance; better motor skills; and Development of visual learning.


Science is a very important subject. A child learns logic and critical thinking when they study science. Think back to your childhood, did your parents ever help you with a science project? Was it a good time? This is one of the times in modern education where parents are actively involved in helping a child learn. Many science projects can help us learn the basics in life; the science of nature helps us to learn how nature grows. Earth science today was the way of life for farmers who bring food to the markets for us to eat.


Reading in an essential skill that will apply for the rest of your life.  We have discovered that so many children today having trouble to read and comprehend their reading; sometimes they do not even have a desire to read, Reading is important for entertainment, knowledge, facts, directions for how something works, and even for cooking.  Every aspect of our lives can be affected in a positive way by learning and loving to read.


Writing is a dying thing if you pay any attention to those who love technology.  Some even say that learning to write well is a waste of time.  If that were true then all of these authors would be poor; they are not.  Writing sparks creativity in young children and that crosses over into adult life.  Many authors still write things down BEFORE they attempt to type it out.


Mathematics is a key element in early education. Not only is mathematics the language of science, mathematics also teaches mental discipline and rigorous rational reasoning. By learning math without the use of calculators our brains will learn logic.


By learning History we can take Prescious lessons about what not to repeat. History is replete with wars because people in power did not learn those lessons well. Learning about honorable people in history can hopefully lead to a better outlook on life.


Fitness is an important aspect of a person's health. It is an enabler of education; a healthy child learns better than one who's health is in question. Many times as adults we wish we had the energy of our children; think about how frustrating it is to have all that energy and no place to let it out. It is important for children to burn off a little energy at their school. At Pearl academy we want to do just that; Stop for a break to run around and burn off a little energy and that makes for a better mood to learn